The Experience

This is an ideal way for a large group to dine out. How often have you been to dinner with a large group and had to wait an eternity for your individual meal to arrive? When following our shared layered menus, it doesn’t happen here, everyone eats each course together, so all you have to worry about is enjoying the company and conversation. We usually advise keeping group menus safe, unless the organizer knows that the group is very familiar with Japanese food. It is necessary for us to know if there are any special dietary needs (ie. Gluten intolerance, allergies or strict vegetarian or Vegan diners) as if we are forewarned we can cater for them all.

We provide menus to suit your budget, generally anywhere from $37.50 – $75 per head.

Most groups choose a $45 – $50 menu which may consist of;

  • Choice of roll your own sushi platters or pre-rolled sushi
  • Gyoza (pork & veg dumplings with a citrus/soy dipping sauce)
  • Agemono (breadcrumbed skewers or chicken or salmon or potato croquette or mushrooms or scallops or tofu, served with a fruit and veg sauce)
  • Teriyaki (Chicken or Salmon)
  • Seasonal stirfry (with choice of protein)
  • Okonomiyaki (meat and veg fritter)
  • Battered Prawns
  • Saikoro or Yakiniku (both beef and vegetable dishes)
  • Curry bowls

Your group may be more adventurous, so we can make whatever adjustments or combinations you choose, substituting Sashimi , Beef Tataki, or a squid or eel dish.

We are completely flexible,so if you are on a very limited budget, we can provide a menu to suit.

Please note: Our dining style is shared layered dining. With large groups, we pre-organise a set menu to suit both your taste and your budget. Occasionally a group does not wish to share and if it is a quiet night, we will do our best to provide this. On busy nights however, groups of 8 or more are not able to order individually. If a member of a group has a special dietary requirement, we will absolutely serve their needs separately.