We are often asked what drinks complement our dishes and dining style. This is what we usually respond and why.

Japanese Beer or Chuhai are usually the first choices when eating at an Izakaya, followed a little later with sake or shochu. We serve Asahi super dry lager and Black lager on tap or Asahi Zero (no alcohol/ no calories), Sapporo, Kirin Ichiban and Suntory, the most popular beers in Japan. Japanese beer is approx. 5.5% alcohol and a tad drier than a NZ beer.

Chuhai, these are simple Japanese cocktails with a shochu (Japanese clear spirit like Vodka) base, mixed with a wide selection of flavours such as Lychee, grape, apple, orange, lime, peach etc etc. They are easy to drink, rather like a Japanese RTD. Chuhai’s are more popular with the ladies, as men often prefer to drink the Shochu straight or mixed with water. Shochu can be made from Barley, sweet potato, Buckwheat, sugar cane and even rice.

Sake has become more and more popular as our customers are realizing that it just works with our food. An acquired taste, with different qualities depending on where the rice is grown, what variety of rice is used and what water quality is used. Sake can be consumed chilled, room temperature or warmed, which seems to be the preferred choice of our customers, especially on a chilly night.
Wine is a relatively new match with Japanese food. Wine buffs believe the aromatics, especially Riesling, work best with Japanese cuisine. We agree, Riesling would be a great match with sashimi and sushi rice dishes but, we have such a variety of dishes, that most wines can find a suitable dish to partner with.

Our customers have been most impressed with the selection and also with the fact that we have kept the prices very reasonable.

Come on in, we would be delighted to introduce you to Japanese Izakaya style drinking.
Matta atode (see you later).