We try our best at Yatai to be environmentally responsible and cater to our diners needs.

Ethical Meat & Dairy

Our chicken, pork and beef are all free range farmed in New Zealand and our eggs are both free range and organic.

Respecting Diner’s Diets

Catering to all individual needs, with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and children’s menus available. Our guests frequently ask for other special dietary requests which we do our very best to provide.

Energy Efficiency

A number of years ago we installed a large solar power system and we do our best to utilize the energy while it is being generated.
Yatai’s two vehicles; one full electric and the other a plug in hybrid which uses it’s electric engine first.

Recycling Resources

All our food waste is either composted or feeding some piglets on a nearby farm, and we recycle or re-purpose all our glass, paper, plastic, metal and polystyrene.

Locally Produced & Seasonal

We do our best to use local and seasonal produce making for fresher and healthier meals
We hope you will come in and join us for a conscience free dining experience.

Yatai is award winning

We pride ourselves in producing the freshest dishes with the biggest smiles and appreciate the acknowledgement we have received from our peers.

Our customers are very important to us and we hope to keep on serving them for many years to come.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank you very much)

In 2018/2019
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai 

In 2016/2017
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai 

In 2014/2015
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai

In 2010/2011
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai

In 2009
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai,
Best Ethnic Chef Winner: Atsushi Taniyama

In 2008
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai,
Best Ethnic Chef Winner: Atsushi Taniyama

In 2007
Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai,
Best Ethnic Chef Winner: Atsushi Taniyama
Best Maitre d’Hotel Winner: Barbara Taniyama

Here is a few of the things people have to say about us. See also our reviews on Trip Advisor and Faceboook.

Thank you for a great evening last week our out of town customers complemented us on a great choice of venue the service, food and ambiance were superb.
We now have corporate clients asking us to please take them back to Yatai, they enjoyed it so much, so thank you to you and your team for your hospitality.

John Hughes
Managing Director, Manawatu Knitting Mills, Palmerston North

Their ‘Yatai Japanese Izakaya Restaurant has been enduring and provides a unique dining experience to the public and the corporate sector.

My visits to Yatai has always been a fun filled fine dining experience and I am pleased to recommend their establishment.

Paul O’Brien
Businessman, Palmerston North

I went to yatai on a trip to Palmerston North from London and was really impressed with the food, the service and the overall experience. Who knew Palmy would have such a fantastic Japanese restaurant! Will definitely be recommending to friends and family who visit the city and look forward to trying more fabulous dishes when I’m next in town.

Katie Baylis
Business Woman, London

Five years visiting Japan as Export Manager for the Howard Group gave rise to a love of Japanese culture and food and, whilst I no longer visit the country, my palate still chases fine Japanese cuisine. Outside of Japan itself, I am yet to find a restaurant that offers a menu and taste sensation as authentic and moreish as that from Yatai. Fortunately for me, my responsibilities now involve regular visits to Palmerston North and each and every trip always includes an evening at Yatai. Whether it’s a table for a few in the main restaurant or a larger group in the private dining room, Barbara and the Yatai team always ensure a most memorable evening.

Peter Milne
Managing Director, Sydney Australia